Project Description


Learn More About Alexas:

If you could share a message with our Paw Print Family what would it be?

I’m so excited to keep your fur babes company and learn all about their personality! ❤

Experience or training working with dogs:

I’ve always had at least one dog in my home, though not for long because it always turns in to two 😉 I’ve always had a passion for building bonds with animals, but no formal training. Since being with Paw Print I’ve gained tons of experience working with pups of all breeds, sizes, and personalities!

Experience or training working with cats:

I have gained lots of experience with kitties working with Paw Prints! I’ve learned so many ways to help shy kitties get comfortable, and how to properly administer a variety of oral medications .

Favorite thing(s) about working as a dog walker & pet sitter?

Building relationships with animals and their pet parents, helping keep obedience training consistent, and just the simple fact that I am there to keep those animals company and exercised while their family is away 😊

What training / other jobs / volunteer work do you do in addition to Paw Print?

I am a Graphic Designer, and have my own small business. I have volunteered at Save-A-Fox Rescue in the past and hope to volunteer there again in the future!

Share something about yourself (hobby’s, favorite place to visit, greatest accomplishment etc)

I love spending time with my two pups whenever possible, camping, and hiking!

Describe your pets/family pets (names, age, breed, their favorite things)

Otto – is a 3 year old Border Collie Mix. He was born in Iowa, and has been a ball of energy since day 1! He loves to play and herd his brother, Aiden. He would fetch all day if I allowed 😂

Aiden – is 1.5 years old, and his breed is unknown but guessed to be a Hound Mix! Aiden love blankets, and will not nap or go to bed without being tucked in ❤ He also loves to wrestle with Otto.

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