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Pet Photos

We know you can never have enough pictures of you and your pet, or even just of your pets, and we would love to help capture those special moments and memories that will last a lifetime! One of our Pack Members can meet at your home, or any special location of your choosing, and set up a photo shoot. We can use their treats, toys, their favorite bed, blanket, anything to help keep them focused, engaged, and to get the most adorable pictures possible. We hope to catch all the snuggles, cuddles, kisses, goofy play, and even the lazy, relaxed, napping poses. We want to capture those amazing moments in time that truly encompass the true essence of the love, and special bond you and your pet have.

$28 an hour

Event Sitting & Photo Package

We can even send a member from our team to come to your event just to take pictures of your pet(s) with your family and friends!

$50 an hour for 1 sitter

They will be in charge of providing care for your pet, and taking pictures. If there are multiple pets, multiple sitters will be needed, but this rate will only apply to the sitter taking pictures.


Choose from our extensive menu of services provided by highly-trained animal lovers and caregivers:

meet our team

“I love hanging out with all my fur babies & husband, taking our pups on walks/adventures, playing pool, seeing live music, bonfires, hanging out with friends, playing piano, always in search for the best carnival ride ever”

Emily Cornelius - Manager

“Thank you for trusting us with your babies! We will treat them all as our own would be treated! Can’t wait to meet your favorite friend!”


“I Love being able to interact with the different personalities! They’re almost like people, but better! Walking/sitting is a great way to connect one on one with animals…!”


“I very much look forward to meeting each and every one of my clients’ fur babies, and I hope I’m able to make friends with as many pets as I can!”


“What is there not to like? 🙂 I enjoy walking my dog friends, watching them enjoy the sun and all types of weather. The winter months, my dog friends love the snow and one makes snow angels when outside. So adorable.”


“My favorite things about being a dog walker is being around all sorts of animals, being able to meet different animals, and getting to know different animals personalities.”


“I love forming close bonds with individual animals! It really is a joy to be able to wake up and go to work to hang out with my furry friends. It’s so fun to talk to their parents and share stories.”


“I love how the animals get so excited to see me! It’s unconditional love at it’s finest!”

Meet Our Team

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