Project Description


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If you could share a message with our Paw Print Family what would it be?

I very much look forward to meeting each and every one of my clients’ fur babies, and I hope I’m able to make friends with as many pets as I can!

Experience or training working with dogs:

5+ years

Experience or training working with cats:

3+ years

Favorite thing(s) about working as a dog walker & pet sitter?

I very much enjoy the company of animals, so getting to meet and spend time with all of these different animals has been wonderful!

What training / other jobs / volunteer work do you do in addition to Paw Print?

I work as a stablehand at a horse barn my childhood friend of 15+ years owns, so I do work very closely with horses as well!

Share something about yourself (hobby’s, favorite place to visit, greatest accomplishment etc)

I spent a month in France [June 2018-July 2018] as a graduation gift to myself, and it’s a trip I’ll never forget. I’m fluent in French and semi-fluent in Spanish!

Describe your pets/family pets (names, age, breed, their favorite things)

My family has two dogs : Winnie the 40-lb mutt and Mr. Bojangles the Australian shepherd. I also own a ball python [standard morph] named Neo! Winnie is going to turn 9 years old this November–the day before my birthday–and Mr. Bojangles is 6 years old. Neo is around 9 or 10 years old as well. While we’ve had Winnie since she was around 6 months old, Mr. Bojangles is a new addition to our family, having just adopted him this past November. The dogs enjoy taking naps in the sun and going for walks around a nearby lake while Neo likes to spend some quality time with me by using my arms as a jungle gym!

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