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Emily Cornelius
Emily CorneliusManager

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If you could share a message with our Paw Print Family what would it be?

If you’re a member of our Paw Print Family, then you are a member of my family. I always share my entire heart with every animal I meet, and I always love and enjoy making new animal friends. We can’t thank you enough for sharing your amazing pet(s) with us, and feel honored to be a part of their lives.

Experience or training working with dogs:

I worked at the Maple Grove Petsmart in the PetsHotel & it was super fun to give all the dogs & cats love, & to make them feel as “at home” as possible. Doggy Daycamp & one-on-one playtimes were my absolute favorite, who wouldn’t love being in a room with 1 to up to 15 dogs at once? I became instantly familiar with aggression stances, stares & other body language but most of our Doggy Day Campers were regulars & were all friends. One-on-one playtimes were for shyer pups or those who didn’t play well with others so we would work on their training & help them get their energy out. There was even a room just for kitties which had tons of toys, grooming tools, treats & things to explore for the maximum kitty fun!

I volunteered at the Cloquet Animal Humane Society while I completed my Associate’s Degree in Law Enforcement. It was a wonderful break from my classes & I enjoyed giving all my love & care to every sweet furry friend I made while I was there.

I got my first dog – Domino – in 2006 & by the time she was 3mos old she had mastered: Sit, Stay, Shake (she’s left pawed like mom), Lay Down, Come, Fetch & Hide & Seek. Of course 1 her favorite things in the world are snack & treats so that helped with her training. My 2 Corgis Yoshi & Koopa know: Sit, Stay, Lay Down & Shake (also left pawed). They currently are not getting along, they are in a dominance war between themselves, so I’ve had even more experience with aggression & dominance issues. Right now we are setting boundaries at home, keeping them on leashes with prong collars if they are out at the same time & when we are out on walks they have accepted one another into the pack, we are making progress! I have also successfully litter box trained our 2 bunnies Foxxy & Scully.

I have had the honor & privilege of working for Genevieve’s Pet Care since Feb 2015, and now for Paw Print & I have loved every second of it. Many of our clients have leash reactive pups so I have learned many distraction techniques, practiced training commands & even acquired some ninja skills for avoiding other dogs. Almost every dog we walk or visit know some commands or skills so I am constantly practicing those with them & even assist with teaching them new things!

Experience or training working with cats:

Same as above with Petsmart in the PetsHotel & Cloquet Animal Humane Society.

At Genevieve’s Pet Care I have made so many kitty friends & have gained so much knowledge from all my visits & especially from some of our staff members who are kitty gurus. From slow-blinking, hiding & giving treats, butt pats & giving my own head nudges or even just waiting quietly until they’re comfortable to come out, I am getting more & more in touch with my feline persona.

Favorite thing(s) about working as a dog walker & pet sitter?

All of my furry friends & those that I have yet to meet!!! It never feels like I’m working & always brings never-ending happiness to my life to walk & visit all of our clients’ amazing & adorable fur babies.

What training / other jobs / volunteer work do you do in addition to Paw Print?

Currently in the middle of a Dog Trainer Apprenticeship with Lucky Paws!

Share something about yourself (hobby’s, favorite place to visit, greatest accomplishment etc)

Hanging out with all my fur babies & husband, taking our pups on walks/adventures, playing pool, seeing live music, bonfires, hanging out with friends, playing piano, always in search for the best carnival ride ever – The Zipper – during the summers, amusement parks, traveling, camping, road trips, napping & making my own dog & bunny treats for my fur babies.

Describe your pets/family pets (names, age, breed, their favorite things)

Yoshi – 8yr old Pembroke Welsh Corgi – he is 45lbs (not due to being overweight, he is just ginormous), his favorite things include: being the best neighborhood watchdog (even if mom & dad can’t see or hear the “impending threat”), garbage inspector if it gets too full (he likes to pull it all out to make sure nothing goes to waste), WALKS, treats, expert box & mail shredder – if you need anything shredded he’s your guy!, snuggling on his parents’ bed & with the bunbuns, making new friends & he has unconditional love & kisses for everyone.

Koopa – 6yr old Pembroke Welsh Corgi – 20lbs – he’s our mini corgi (at least compared to Yoshi) & his favorite things are: competing for the best neighborhood watchdog, telling mom & dad stories, playing with toys, snacks, cuddling with Domino & mom & dad, going on walks, garbage inspector (not as bad as Yoshi but he tries), keeping our neighbor dog Princess “in line”, making new people friends, chasing the bunnies whenever they’re out, rolling around all over our rugs & stopping in the silliest positions & giving everyone he meets tons of kisses.

Foxxy – 3yr old Mini Lop – her ears never went down but she is super fuzzy & full of love! She enjoys lounging everywhere in her cage, hanging out in our kitty perches & hideouts, eating hay, giving nudges for more love, doing happy jumps & kicks, & snuggling.

Scully – 3yr old Flemish Giant/American/Californian bunny – he’s all black with huge ears & his favorite things include: lounging & laying out in his cage, making a burrow out of newspaper & hay, making new friends, hanging out in the kitty perches & hideouts, running back & forth through a kitty tunnel, running around jumping & kicking with delight, & flopping down next to you for loves.

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