HannahAssistant Manager

Learn More About Hannah:

If you could share a message with our Paw Print Family what would it be?

Everyone has a love for their pet and wants them to be happy and healthy. Being a pet owner myself, it can be hard to trust my furry (and one not so furry) friend to someone I don’t know. I want to earn that trust and show your pets just as much love as I would show my own.

Experience or training working with dogs:

I have not had the pleasure of having a dog in my own home. I have interacted with several of my friends dogs and even took part in some of their training.

Experience or training working with cats:

I have lived with cats for many years. My current two cats include a five year old and one year old kitten. Both of my cats are adopted. I did do some training out of certain behaviors for both cats and even trained my kitten to walk on a leash and follow some basic commands.

Favorite thing(s) about working as a dog walker & pet sitter?

I love meeting and building a relationship with all of the animals I work with. If I could, I would have a zoo in my own home with as many pet friends as I could find. Instead, I get to spend time with other people’s pets and enjoy their company as a dog walker and pet sitter.

What training / other jobs / volunteer work do you do in addition to Paw Print?

I have spent some time volunteering at a horse barn. I am hoping to devote more of my time there soon!

Share something about yourself (hobby’s, favorite place to visit, greatest accomplishment etc)

My main goal lately has been to focus on the things that make me happy and devote more time to them. Animals have always brought a smile to my face and that’s a large part of why I have this job. I previously had an office job as a records specialist where I successfully took point in launching a new software for our company. I also enjoy visual and performance arts, long drives with my music, and I’m a sucker for cheesecake!

Describe your pets/family pets (names, age, breed, their favorite things)

I currently have three pets. My two cats are named Fish who is five and Chips who is one. I adopted Fish from a friend who was moving and could not take all of her cats with her. Fish had the most trouble getting along with the others and after months he would still hide in her cupboards. I had gone to help her move and low and behold came home with a cat. I learned he had been a street cat, likely for the first few years of his life. He took a while to warm up and things like nail trimmings and brushing are still not his favorite. But he’s a major momma’s boy and scolds me whenever he has not gotten enough attention. Since Fish came with his name, I knew my next cat had to be named Chips. She came to me from a family that had taken in a couple of strays, not knowing all of them were pregnant. Chips was a bit of a runt and has a couple of health issues to keep an eye on but she is always full of life and energy. I trained her to walk on a leash and harness for outside playtime when the weather is nice! My final pet is my leopard gecko Nebula who is also around a year old. He’s absolutely beautiful and has an orange band around his tail. I currently have him in a 40 gallon tank and I am hoping to build a biotank in the near future!