Learn More About Laurie:

If you could share a message with our Paw Print Family what would it be?

I love doing my job every day. I love your family pets as deeply as if they are my own. It is a joy to see my dog and cat friends, and I make sure that they are physically comfortable and that all of their needs are met before I leave them. To love them, hug and kiss them fills my spirit and gives me purpose for my deep passion and respect towards animals.

Experience or training working with dogs:

I have had a family of three cats and two dogs over the years. I have many dog nieces and nephews. I attended dog grooming school to be a dog and cat groomer, I presently am enjoying being a pet sitter and walker. I have done personal pet sitting for family and friends.

Experience or training working with cats:

In the past, I had three cats as my family. I have pet sat family cats when the family went on vacation. As a groomer, I have also groomed cats in a salon setting.

Favorite thing(s) about working as a dog walker & pet sitter?

What is there not to like? 🙂 I enjoy walking my dog friends, watching them enjoy the sun, and all types of weather. The winter months, my dog friends love the snow and one makes snow angels when outside. So adorable. They light up when they see me and they know that I love them just as much as they love me. To watch them frolic outside makes me want to frolic with them.

What training / other jobs / volunteer work do you do in addition to Paw Print?

I have been a dog groomer in the past but have to put that skill on hold at this time. I do contribute financially to the Golden Valley Humane Society and to the United States Humane Society.

Share something about yourself (hobby’s, favorite place to visit, greatest accomplishment etc)

I have many interests in life. I enjoy making sequin calendars, nesting balls, gardening, catering to the birds outside. I enjoy bike riding, baking, walking. I enjoy traveling to Savannah, GA to see my brother, he is a baker and owns his own bakery in Savannah. I would like to travel out East to visit more states out there and to also travel to London, England. I don’t have any children, but my greatest accomplishment is to be an Aunt to 20 nieces and nephews. I acknowledge them on their birthdays and at Christmas time, so they know that they are loved by me.

Describe your pets/family pets (names, age, breed, their favorite things)

Over a 30 year period, I have had as family three cats and two dogs. My cats came from the Humane Society. Cuff – cat, Miles and Molly – cats. Cassie – Bishon and lastly Mattie – Miniature Pincher. I presently have as dog nieces and nephews are: Bob – Mountain Bernese, Sam – Great Dane, Cooper – Beagle.

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