Event Sitting

Whether it’s your special wedding day, birthday, quinceanera, family reunion, or any other wonderful event, and would like your pet(s) to join you, we are here to help! We can provide you with a qualified sitter to care for your pet during the entire event, and if there are going to be multiple pets there we can send 2-4 sitters to accommodate. It doesn’t matter what kind of pet, and we can even help celebrate your pet’s birthday! We want to help make your special day extra memorable, and know having your fur babies there with you will help make it complete! We can customize this service for our Pet Parents depending on their needs.

$35 an hour for 1 sitter
$32 an hour per sitter for 2
$28 an hour per sitter for 3+ sitters

we also offer:

Event Pet Photos

We can send a member from our team to come to your event just to take pictures of your pet(s) with your family and friends!

$28 an hour

Event Sitting & Photo Package

$50 an hour for 1 sitter

They will be in charge of providing care for your pet, and taking pictures. If there are multiple pets, multiple sitters will be needed, but this rate will only apply to the sitter taking pictures.

Sample Photos and More Info here

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