Keep your furry Valentines entertained! Like many of us, our dogs and cats are adjusting to us being at home much more and they are learning new routines – especially in freezing cold February. Our pets are our best friends and are a great source of comfort in these uncertain times.

To keep your four-legged best friend from getting cabin fever, we’ve got five tips and games to entertain your pet.

1) Cardboard Box of Treasures

Fill a cardboard box with a mix of crumpled up newspaper, treats or kibble, and toys and let your dog dig out the hidden treasures!


2) Rotate their toys

Break up the boredom by making sure your cat or dog has different toys to play with and rotate them to bring some variety to their days.

3) Put your toilet rolls to use with a treat dispenser game

Do you have paper rolls lying around? Fold one end, place a treat inside, then fold the top over and seal both ends with peanut butter. Your dog will delight in licking and nudging the rolls to get to the treats inside.

4) Give the muffin tin game a go

A game perfect for dogs young and old, simply cut the treats into small pieces and place them at the bottom of the muffin cups. Then hide the treats by putting the tennis balls on top of each cup and place the entire tin on the floor.

5) Get your chef hat on and make some treats

The 23rd of February is International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. Looking for an excuse to treat your best friend? Look no further!

Try baking and creating some healthy and delicious dog and cat biscuit recipes. We guarantee your pet will absolutely ‘woof’ them down!

Most of all, enjoy this time with your pet and get to know what they really like to do and what games they like to play. HERE ARE SOME FUN RECIPES – call out to