The holidays are quickly approaching and it’s just about time to start planning flights, where to stay, renting cars, and most importantly, to ensure your anxious dog is relaxed and calm throughout the holiday season.

We know how tough it can be to manage high-anxiety pets and we have years of experience making sure your anxious dog remains calm and comfortable during their stay with us.

Ease Your Anxious Dog with Confident Vibes

An anxious dog requires a strong, confident, cheery ‘pack leader’. Your anxious dog is looking to you to protect them, at all times. Does the sound of the dishwasher scare them a bit? Perhaps the vacuum or thunderstorms? Dogs are experts are sensing human emotions, so when your dog is fearful of certain things, it’s important to show them that they have nothing to be afraid of. Show them their safe escape. Throughout your anxious dogs stay with us, we will provide strong, confident, cheery vibes to help your dog feel calm, safe and protected.


As an owner of an anxious dog, you’re often worried to leave them behind, unsure of how they will act and if they will feel safe in their new surroundings. We know that you love your dog more than most things in the world and we will be sure to provide daily check-ins to help you rest assured that your anxious dog is in good hands.

Love and Trust

Love and trust go hand in hand, for both a dog and their owner. We will provide your dog plenty of exercise to help ease anxiety, a lot of fetch playing, snuggling, ‘baby talking’, and love for your pet so that they can trust us. First and foremost, we want our furry clients to trust us, and we want their loving owners to do the same.

Allow you and your pet to have an anxiety-free holiday, reserve your stay, today.