Avoid walking on frozen rivers, lakes and ponds. As tempting as it is to skate with Snoopy, don’t do it! Falling through the ice could be deadly for your pet and for you as you would instinctively attempt a rescue. Just stay on paths that are tried and true, and enjoy the frozen beauty from a safe distance.

Snoopy Skating is Hilarious and Adorable, but let’s leave dogs on ice to the experts, and keep YOU and YOUR dog safely on solid ground.

Avoid antifreeze! Watch for antifreeze spills as you’re walking. Even a small amount can be deadly for a dog, and a curious dog shouldn’t pay with his life for attempting to determine what that substance is by sniffing and licking. Watch for antifreeze as you pass driveways in your neighborhood, and along streets.

Be alert for signs of hypothermia as you’re walking. If your dog begins to try to burrow, stops walking, seems weak, shivering or whining, get to a warm place immediately. If you’re walking in a shopping district that allows pets inside you can enter a couple shops along the way to give your dog a chance to warm up during the outing. If you’re not walking near any place where you can go indoors immediately, consider ensuring the dog has a heavy enough sweater or bring a thermos with warm (not hot) water that you can keep near your body. Offer the dog some warm water during the walk to help keep his internal temperature stable.

Yes! Dogs love the snow but make sure they’re staying warm and not experiencing hypothermia.