She LOVES camping, and so do you. So as you’re making your spring camping trip plans, here are just a few reminders to keep Princess safe at the campsite.

Dogs love camping in the great outdoors, but it’s important to keep them safe too!
  1. Make sure the venue is dog-friendly. This may seem like a given, but if you’re going to a National Forest or a privately-owned campground, make sure it’s okay to bring dogs. Sometimes restrictions are for the dogs’ safety as much as the people. There may be natural hazards that are too risky for dogs, like predators, so just check with the park rangers or the property owners before you head out.

2. Protect their paws. Hiking is great but if the terrain is especially rocky, hot or covered in thick detritus, your dog’s paws could suffer. If they seem to be managing the terrain okay, that’s great, but be sure each night to check their paws for spurs, sharp sticks or rocks that may cause discomfort or injury. Bring some booties just to be safe, and if you do notice irritation or injury after the first day or two, go ahead and give their paws a break with some comforting booties to protect their paws for the next few days.

3. Prepare for the unexpected. A bee sting, a twisted ankle or a foray into some poison ivy can happen to dogs just as easily as it can happen to people. Make sure your first-aid kit is fully stocked with bandages, wraps, anti-biotic cream, talc or cornstarch, peroxide or other disinfectant, ice packs, Benadryl and anti-itch cream, and an epi-pen. Even if you and your dog don’t use any of it, a nearby camper might just thank you for being so well-prepared!

4. Keep identification on your dog at all times. Preferably, your ID tag will have the county registration information, your contact information and your vet contact info. If the worst happens and you and your best friend are separated, the best chance of reunion is identification on your pet.

5. Lovies and stinky t-shirts will ensure that your dog feels right at home even in a tent or sleeping under the stars. Make sure that you bring a couple of the familiar toys she loves so that the smells of the forest or campground are not so disorienting that she cannot identify something that is hers in her territory.

6. Keep all their shot records and health information in water-tight pouches. In an emergency, people will need as much information to take good care of your dog as they would need to take care of you!

7. Portion out food ahead of time and pack in air-tight baggies. This will make camping with Princess so much easier as you are able to keep her food dry, fresh, and free of ants and pests.

So go ahead and get out there with your best friend! Hiking and sitting by the campfire making some of the best memories of your lifetime!