Okay, we just couldn’t resist sharing some of these great ideas we’ve found on the web to help you throw the best dog-themed party ever!

What’s a party without cake? NOT a party, that’s what! So we’re so happy that AllRecipes.com has a dog cake recipe for Fido and all his friends to enjoy! Click here to check it out!

A cute way to make their treats a little more festive is to freeze little bits of cooked bacon in chicken broth. Use a dog-themed ice-cube tray to make it extra fun!

Why not have a theme? The Mad Hatter, Bow Ties, Ballet, or Colonial… anything goes! Whatever you choose, your dog and his friends will love dressing up… Costume Contest?? ABSOLUTELY!!

Whether you choose Princesses or Presidents, dogs will love a party with ANY theme!

Location is an important element of a dog-themed party. If you’re planning to use the local dog park, check and make sure there aren’t any restrictions for decorating or bringing in food or any special hours where only dogs of certain sizes might be allowed. If you’re having the party in your own yard, that’s great! Just remember most dogs will want to “personalize” the territory, and plan on being in a positive frame of mind for the pooper-scooper duty later. But whatever location you choose, try to make sure there’s plenty of room to run, shade, and access to cool, clean water for the thirsty pups!

Entertainment is easy enough for the dogs… there’s plenty of butt-sniffing to keep them happy. But for the humans attending, think about having some fun dog memes in a slide show, or ask ahead for funny pictures of the dogs you’re inviting and make a customized slide show including all your guests. You could also consider showing “Beethoven” or any other favorite of dog-lovers, and make it a movie night as well!

If you want to throw a dog party, we hope some of these ideas have inspired you, and we would love to see pictures! Feel free to post them to our Facebook Page!