Dog and Cat booties are the best bet for protecting their paws this winter because they prevent contact with salt and potentially harmful de-icing chemicals they may step in while outside.

Even if they’re indoors, the dry air can affect their pads and cause flaking, so check their pads to ensure they’re not cracked, and it’s okay to moisturize their paws when dry.

Put petroleum jelly – or you can buy a commercial paw-protection salve – on the paws before going outside to protect them from picking up de-icing chemicals and then licking their paws later.

They’re burning extra energy trying to stay warm, so make sure they’re eating and drinking enough. Dehydration can affect the moisture level in their pads and potentially cause chapping.

Communicate with your vet if you see redness or sore spots on their feet. If there is a wound, preventing infection is priority.