Here are five important reminders to protect your dog while poolside this summer!

  1. Remember that not all dogs can swim! If you know your dog likes the water but isn’t comfortable in water over their head, consider getting a life-vest or doggie floaties. There are plenty of cute designs to choose from, and who doesn’t love an excuse to buy something new and cute for Fido!
  2. Rinse them with fresh cool water when they’re done. The chlorine and other chemicals in a balanced pool can irritate skin, just like for humans, so make sure they get a shower or a hose-down upon exiting the pool.
  3. Don’t leave them alone! Just like children (and adults) dogs can fatigue in the pool and could potentially be unable to maintain their strength to get to the side. Make sure someone is in the pool with the dog or watching to make sure the dog is not overwhelmed and getting too tired to stay afloat.
  4. Keep fresh drinking water nearby. Do not let your dog drink the pool water. If they get thirsty, they will try to drink the pool water, so make sure you have a bowl of fresh, clean water for them to drink from. Each time you notice them trying to drink pool water, have the fresh water at the ready so they will learn not to ingest the chlorine. Just like people, this will cause stomach ache and health issues.
  5. Make sure an easy exit is available to them. If your pool has a ladder and no steps, invest in a ramp so that the dog can easily get in and out of the pool on their own. Once someone starts to panic, whether it’s you or your dog, if there’s no place to get a foothold, a very dangerous situation could ensue.
Poolside fun is an essential part of every summer break, but please make sure your dog is safe throughout the adventure!