When it comes to showing off your dog’s unique identity, there are many ways to personalize their style.  Fun collars, bandanas, clothing, and most importantly ID tags.  Whether you’re looking for just ID tags or full-service tracking and microchipping, we found some great options that can help you choose the right identification for your best friend.

Tags for Hope  This is a great website that offers unique and fun identification options, plus every tag supports a donation to no-kill shelters!  Their fun interactive website lets you create customized dog tags, ID cards and even passports right on the website!  Check it out!

PetHub is a great national resource where owners can purchase a tag with a unique ID number, create their pet’s profile online, and send and receive alerts about lost pets.  There are over 255 communities in the United States with vets, shelter, and clinics that issue PetHub ID tags, so the reach is growing.  Also, PetHub uses found pet GPS reporting, shelter alert system, social media, and instant “lost pet” flyer systems all available right on the website to help you recover your lost pet fast.

Tag Express  is an online tag ID outlet.  If you’re just looking to express your creativity and your pet’s unique style, this site a fun to browse to find exactly the right identification tags for your pets.

AwPaws has fun cartoon characters, cute photo tags, and even military and NFL themed tags for your pets.  Plan on spending a little bit of time at this website… there are SO MANY cute options!

The importance of ID tags on your pets, especially dogs, just cannot be overstated. With so many choices available, there’s really no reason not to!  Once you’ve created your perfect ID tag, we would love to see it!  Feel free to post a picture on our Facebook Page.  Happy Creating!